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Activities around the campsite (click on the tabs below to open an activity)

Below is an overview of the facilities you can find on our campsite.

Horse Riding

A popular activity with the guests is horse riding with “Portugal by horse”. Exploring this beautiful region from a wobbly back is an experience never to be forgotten. There is guidance to everyone’s possibilities, experienced riders are self-employed, inexperienced riders get an individual supervisor. (info on the campsite)


From the campsite there are three marked walks (5km, 5,5km and 7,5km) that allow you to explore the immediate surroundings. The young dogs Lara and Poppy like to walk along and even show the right way in case of doubt.

There is also the possibility to explore the Serra da Estrela under the guidance of an experienced guide (Leen) who knows the mountains like the back of her hand and has been exploring all sides of that region for years. The severity and duration of the walk will be jointly determined in consultation with Leen. The price depends on the size of the group.


  • Loriga
  • Lapa do Dinheiro en Cascata Caniça
  • Sandomil
  • Caldas de São Paulo
  • Avô
  • São Sebastião da Feira
  • Várzea do Alvoco (River Alvoco)